The attacks of ISIS terrorists aiming at invading Kobane which started on 15 September continue on its 7th day. As a result of very heavy clashes in all areas, devotedly resistance by our forces and our people advance of the ISIS terrorists has been stopped on all three fronts.


Our forces target the terrorists who face difficulties in advancing and inflicting heavy losses on them. Fighting continues on three fronts between our units and the terrorists who attack with their heavy weapons in order to break the resistance of our forces.

Heavy clashes continue in the villages of Ayn Bete, Qushle, Khirkhiriye, Seylim and Kofi east and southeast of Kobane. Today, in the morning, terrorists attempted to attack the village of Chemali which is located on the border of North Kurdistan. In several places our forces carried out operations targeting the ISIS gangs. During the last night’s clashes tens of terrorists were killed. After one battle alone, result of which could be verified, 5 terrorists were killed, 1 DShK 14.5 and 1 DShK 23 were destroyed. During the clashes on the eastern front our 5 companions who showed bravery and heroism in resistance fell martyr.

In the village of Bobaniye and Dualan which are located west of Kobane attacks by ISIS gangs intensified. Our forces responded to those attacks with a counterblast and stopped their advance. Tens of terrorists were killed during the clashes.

Also on the southern front heavy clashes continue.

As a result of the attacks of ISIS terrorists started one week ago and 17 clashes (as well as number of clashes results of which were not announced occurred), 232 ISIS terrorists were killed. 4 tanks, 20 vehicles 7 of which loaded with DShK, 7 DShKs and an artillery belonging to ISIS terrorists were destroyed. 17 Kalashnikovs, 2 M16 assoult rifles, 1 artillery cannon, 1 BKC weapon, 1 B7 rocket launcher, 1 binoculars and 7 mags were seized from terrorists.

As a result of the 1 week fighting, our 32 brave companions who stopped ISIS advance with the heroic resistance they showed, fell martyr.

2. On the night of 21 September, our forces started an operation  targeting Rawya, Dehma and Mebruka areas which are located southwest of Serekaniye. As a result, our units liberated most of Mebruka town from ISIS terrorists and the operation continues with success. More details regarding the operation and its results will be made public in the following days.

3. On 21 September, ISIS terrorists attempted to attack Rabia town in Mosul province. Their attacks were repelled. As a result of the clashes 10 ISIS terrorists were killed. During the clashes 1 companion who fought bravely and resisted heroically fell martyr.


YPG Media Centre

22. 09.2014 

Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.