KOBANE CANTON_ It is 26 days Since 15th September, terrorists linked to ISIS have been trying to occupy Kobane, hurt  the Kurdish people's will, but

YPG/YPJ fighters are creating heroic epics every hour ; repulsing their attacks with a great will and steadfast.

We the people's Defense Units( YPG) continue to fight mercenaries back and not let  them to achieve their goals ,since they fired on civilian areas near  the border with heavy 


On the eastern front; severe clashes have erupted between our fighters and ISIS terrorists lasted till morning , in turn our forces have launched a special operation in order to halt ISIS advancing, as a result 29 terrorists have been killed.

Elsewhere on southern front ; terrorists tried yesterday , using all kind of heavy weapons including tanks, rockets and artillery, to attack our trenches but they failed and our fighter repelled  them leaving 17 terrorists killed.

On western front; our units carried out, yesterday, another special operation targeted enemy's positions which left  two vehicles destroyed and 22 terrorists killed.

Every moment in this historic resistance, our fighters are sacrificing their souls without hesitating, for that we know that victory is ours. Five of our comrades martyred defending this land.

We in turn pledge again to be the thorn in enemy's throat , those are humanity's enemy , for everybody to know that we never surrender, Kobane shall be a graveyard and hell for such terrorists.  

About the US-led coalition alliance air strikes against ISIS positions; despite the air strikes were very effective two days ago, it was  less sufficient  recently.

We call upon the US -led coalition to increase air strikes in order to weaken ISIS artillery force and heavy weaponry.


YPG Media Centre



Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.