The resistance of Kobane has entered the 25th day, such unparalleled resistance that expresses the finest epics of sacrifice to defend the honor and dignity of humanity.



The battle continues where the ISIS mercenaries have increased their attacks on the city center, while their attacks are failed they resort to heavy weapons and rockets to shell on the civilian neighborhoods of the city.


Eastern Front: the ISIS mercenaries yesterday attempted four times to attack on the KaniyaKurdan area, where the fighting started since the afternoon and continued to the late hours of the night, resulted in the killing of 16 mercenaries. 


Southern Front: after the ISIS mercenaries suffered big losses in this front, they brought more additional forces and increased their attacks on Termik area, where this area witnessed a strong resistance, our units managed to destroy a vehicle of the mercenaries fully and kill those inside, and 13 mercenaries were killed as a result of the clashes in this region. Violent clashes took place yesterday at the Mishtenur front, our forces carried out a major operation against the mercenaries which resulted in the killing of 8 ISIS fighters, although the total number of dead is not confirmed by our troops.


Western Front: our units carried out a strong campaign against several centers of the ISIS mercenaries yesterday in the western side, where our troops were able to force them to retreat from their fighting positions.


Five of our comrades were martyred yesterday in a great resistance that is being expressed every day by our units in order to thwart those terrorist plots and to remove all those black cloud from that beautiful city.


In Jez'a our fighters have launched a military operation in the eastern south region of Jaz'a town in order to push back ISIS terrorists where they were preparing to attack ,thus they were ambushed by our fighters in Jedida village consequently two vehicle belonging to terrorists were destroyed and members inside were killed. In addition, this operation continues from two direction , 23 ISIS members were killed , big amount of ammunition were seized included documents.


Elsewhere, in southern east of Serekaniye countryside, YPG fighters carried out operation near Dehma village and al-Rawiye town. As a result, 6 terrorists were killed ,7 others wounded , 3 AK47 and amount of ammunition were seized.


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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.