To Press and Public Opinion:

1.    The attacks of ISIS terrorists aiming at invading Kobane which started on 15 September continue on its 8th day. As a result of very heavy clashes in all areas, devotedly resistance by our forces block the advance of terrorists on all three fronts. The great resistance of our forces, side by side with our people, inflict heavy losses on the terrorists who attack Kobane from east, west and south fronts.

Our units have given a brutal response to ISIS terrorists who attacked from Kobane’s eastern front. Our forces anticipated the attacker ISIS terrorists with multiple ambushes and inflicted heavy losses on them. As far as it could be confirmed, as a result of these ambushes 11 ISIS terrorists have been killed.

Our forces have launched a simultaneous offensive on the two separate bases of ISIS terrorists around the village of Ayn Bete, located on the eastern front. Terrorist positions were effectively targeted and as far as it was confirmed, 13 terrorists have been killed.

Yesterday, on the southern front on which heaviest clashes have occurred, our forces hit the terrorists effectively with their heroic resistance.

A sacrificial operation was carried out by our units on the terrorists who tried to advance on the southern front, In Gewri village. A sacrificial unit of 5 companions infiltrated in the ISIS terrorist positions which were positioned as a group. They fought there for a long time and inflicted heavy losses on the ISIS gang. As far as it could be confirmed, as a result of this operation at least 29 terrorists were killed. Our 5 companions martyred as a result of the operation.

Our units who prevented advance of ISIS gangs in the villages of Ziravik and Berkhbatan  responded to their attacks with operations. As a result of the operations clashes occurred on the battle areas. As far as it was confirmed 23 terrorist ISIS members were killed.

Our forces have also carried out an operation in the village of Sistik. As far as it was confirmed 8 terrorists were killed.

In addition, an operation was carried out targeting the ISIS terrorists positioned in group in the village of SHex Cuma. Tens of terrorists were killed as a result, hence a clear number could not be confirmed. After this operation contact was lost with 2 companions from our ranks.

On the western front of Kobane, ISIS terrorists attacked through out the day and the night. On all fronts operations were carried out and heavy losses were inflicted on the ISIS terrorists.

2.    The offensive launched by our units on Gire Spi (Tel Ebyad) in order to stop the siege of ISIS surrounding Kobane, continues. Operations carried out in the areas of Ravya, Dehma and Mebrûka continue on their third day. Our forces have advanced on a 10 kms long front, capturing several villages and settlements from ISIS terrorists and inflicting heavy losses on them. ISIS gangs try to stop the advance of our forces with the reinforcements they bring from Gire Spi (Tel Ebyad). In Mebruka and its periphery heavy clashes continue. So far, as far as our forces could confirm, 40 ISIS terrorists have been killed. During our advance, our 9 companions who fought bravely and heroically have fallen martyr.


 YPG Media Centre

23. 09.2014


Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.