In light of difficult developments take place in Rojava , more youths flux to join YPG/YPJ ranks, that indicates that people is aware about  phase's requirements 


M.Khabt's military academy finalized today training for 34 fighters in the name of M.Jekdar, which lasted 30 days . Fighters have taught battle's tactics and became ready for battle field.

Training included lessons about individual and medium weapons and also lectures about  reality of revolution and  legitimate defence.


A ceremony held for this occasion ,YPG/YPJ commander Nujin Derik presented , addressed a speech after a moment of silence dedicated to the souls of the martyrs.

Nujin said :" the heroic resistance shown by a steadfast kobane and how terrorist wanted to invade it. She added:" Kobane are not going to fall since there is brave people spare not effort to defend their dignity. " the victory and right is ours." Nujin concluded.


At the end  fighters swore to keep on way till victory.


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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.