KOBANE_Offensives raged by terrorists affiliated to ISIS are ongoing for the 27th day meanwhile our fighters are striking them fiercely .


Terrorists are flooding from Tel Abyad and Jarablus areas bringing more heavy weaponry and ammunition that aims to takeover Kobane city, nevertheless our heroes are fighting back with high spirits despite of less capabilities they have.


Terrorists have intensified their offensives on the eastern front of Kobane city, clashes had continued yesterday till night in which 17 mercenaries were killed .

Elsewhere near mishtenur hill southern east of Kobane mercenaries carried out attack along with a random intensive shelling but our fighters were able repulse them and halted their advance ,at least 11 terrorists were


During recent 24 hours, brutal offensives  by ISIS terrorists were launched on the southern front whilst all those attacks were foiled by our comrades. And also, an explosives-loaded truck were targeted by our fighters and blew up amid them.


Again they tried to move towards our trenches under shelling cover but we targeted them and killed all of them, a military vehicle belonging to terrorists were destroyed and more than 36 ISIS members were killed.YPG/YPJ fighters carried out an operation targeted their positions left 6 mercenaries dead.


The more those terrorists attacks us the more we resist  and fight back, it is worth mentioning that clashes on three fronts continues at the moment.

In 11 October our units began an operation against ISIS terrorists near Mabruka town and Dahma region southern west of Serekaniye in which heavy clashes erupted between our units and Isis terrorists.


In the meantime another operation was launched against terrorist's positions in al-Rawiye village that left group of them dead and a vehicle destroyed.

It was  reported by our fighters that more than  26 terrorists were killed included a commander ( Emir) named Abu Gemal, yet the operation continues.


During this campaign our two comrades, Shekhmos me'o and Kamiran Kocher martyred after they have shown a heroic resistance that left fear and horror  inside terrorists hearts.


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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.