ISIS terrorist attacks aiming to occupy Kobani continue on the 23rd day, where the Syrian and Iraqi mercenary groups of the ISIS are attacking the town with heavy weapons, our troops of the People's Defense Units and Women's Defense Units are expressing a historical resistance against these attacks.


Fierce battle at southern / eastern fronts, direct confrontation at some points in the city continued last night until this morning, where the mercenaries were stopped from advancing. Mercenary groups are continuing to attack the center and the residential neighborhoods of the city with tanks and heavy weapons that have stationed near the town.


The battle also continued in Botan / Megtel / KaniyaKurdan neighborhoods and near the hill Mishtenur, where our forces carried out several operations.


The outcome of the last night’s battle in Kobani:


•At three points of the eastern front 19 and in an operation 2 mercenaries were killed, our forces also managed to destroy an armed vehicle of the mercenaries in this front.


• At two points of the southeastern front and Mishtenur area 13 mercenaries were killed. At same fronts two attacks of the mercenaries were repelled but we cannot confirm the number of dead and wounded. Our troops targeted a vehicle carrying ammunition for the mercenaries, resulted in 2 killed ISIS fighters and a destroyed vehicle.


•The battle in southern front has intensified and is ongoing, last night our troops managed to inflict big losses on the mercenaries in several houses.

According to what has been confirmed by our troops, 29 ISIS fighters were killed.


• At western front our troops surrounded a group of the mercenaries who were preparing to attack and caused serious losses on them, we can confirm that 24 ISIS fighters were killed in this operation. Also at western front our forces carried out several operations against defensive lines of the mercenaries, ISIS fighters were forced to leave their positions and flee. A DShK weapon was destroyed and number of other weapons were seized in this operation.


After expressing a heroic resistance, four of our comrades were martyred in these battles.


YPG Media Centre



Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.