Our martyrs are immortals, their legendaries will stay in hearts and minds of whoever struggled and defended for his freedom.

Those brave fighters were able to act as armored dam against the terrorist mercenaries. with the energy taken from the martyrs we are going to lead our revolution towards freedom and put an end for enemies.


Martyrs are :



Code Name: Nujiyan Newal

Real Name: Safek Atak

Mother Name: Gazal

Father Name: Ali

Place of Birth: Gever

Joining Date: 2012

Date of Marytrdom: Kobane  04.10.2014



Code Name: Armanj Amed

Real Name: Faroq Yeldiz

Mother Name : Mensora

 Father Name : Mihsen

Place of Birth : Amed

Joining Date: 2013

Date Of Martyrdom:Kobane, Aydeq village, 26.09.2014



Code Name : Rizgar

Real Name: Newaf Misko

Mother Name: Zehra

Father  Name: Mehmud

Place of Birth: Kobane, Kerde village.

Martyrdom Date: 04.10.2014





Code Name: Rizgar Judi


Real Name: Rizgar Omar

Mother Name: Almaz

Father Name: Khalid

Place of Birth: Aleppo

Joining Date: 2011

Martyrdom Date: Kobane, Mishtenur, 03.10.2014




Code Name: Reber Mezlum

Real Name: Reshid Bozan

Father Name: Sadiq

Mother Name: Ferida

Place of Birth: Kobane, Zor migar

Jioning Date: 2014

Martyrdom Date: Kobane,03.10.2014



Code Name: Sozdar Agiri

Real Name: Zozan Issa

Mother Name: Amsha

Father Name: Hussein

Place of Birth: Kobane, Gorik village

Joining Date: 2014

Date of Martyrdom: Kobane, Mishtenur,04.10.2014




Real Name: Adnan Khalid Suleiman, a civilian.

Mother Name: Zekye

Father Name: Khalid

Martyrdom : Kobane, 04.10.2014



Code Name: Ardal Zagros

Real Name: Agid Hesso

Mother Name: Wadha

Father Name: Muhammad

Joining Date: Konbane, Gor Hesso, 2014

Place Of Martyrdom: Kobane, Mishtenur, 04.10.2014



Code Name: Omer Qamishlo

Real Name: Omer Ahmed

Mother Name: Sultana

Father Name: Nur al-Din

Place of Birth: Qamishlo, Qudorbek

Joining Date: 2011

Martyrdom: Kobane, 04.10.2014



Code Name: Biritan Deniz

Real Name: Hevidar Ata

Mother Name: Ronahi

Father Name: Khoshnav

Place of Birth: Weranshahir

Joining Date: 2011

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Kobane, 05.10.2014



Code Name: Alisher Devrem

Real Name: Agmel Gemal Ostekin

Mother Name: Nezyet

Father Name: Fakri

Place of birth: Batman

Joining Date : 2011

Martyrdom: Kobane, Mishtenur, 04.10.2014

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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.