Kobanî /  The terrorist attacks by the 'ISIS' mercenaries to occupy Kobanî continued yesterday on the 64th day.

Our forces in Kobanî are on active defense in all the areas that the terrorists are in, and with the support of the Burkan al-Firat joint forces (of the Free Syrian Army), the heavy weapons of Peshmerga, our units have managed to inflict severe blows to the terrorists both in and outside the city.

The terrorists however are constantly shelling the residential districts of the city center with mortars.

Advancing on the eastern front of Kobanî, our forces conducted several limited operations against the terrorists last night in the Sukul Hal and the municipality areas. Our troops instantly were able to take the control of a position in the municipality area which was occupied earlier by the terrorists. According to what has been confirmed, 23 terrorists including two senior commanders (known as Abu Haris and Saif al-Islam) were killed in this battle. While a large number of weapons and ammunition were captured in the municipality area, 4 other terrorists were killed in the Sukul Hal district.

Our forces carried out an operation against the terrorists in the village of Jalabiyah 30 kilometers Southeast of Kobanî. In this operation 2 vehicles of the terrorists were destroyed, 6 terrorists were killed, and a number of weapons were captured.

On the southern front our troops last night conducted an operation against the terrorists, at least 2 terrorists were killed in this operation where 8 high explosive belts were disarmed.

In the West of Kobanî several operations were conducted by our units against the terrorists in the villages of Minaz and Gire Iza where 7 terrorists were killed in the clashes.


YPG Media Centre

November 18, 2014

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