Ladies and gentle men,


first of all  would like to salute on behalf of all my comrades those are fighting now against ISIS terror and express

gratitude for all those made this conference to be held .


Again we thank you for the invitation and we are sure that the world conscience during this gathering  could rise its voice against terrorism and to cooperate together for eliminating terrorism.


Brothers and sisters;


Since critical stage  the Syrian revolution  are facing because of the divisions in the opposition parties , Rojava revolution was the answer as a social democratic revolution which can be a model of coexistence for all parts, ethnics and religions in Syria.


The peoples of Rojava including Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians have made progress when they choose to depend on their own capabilities , organizing themselves and form their own defense units to defend their villages and cities against the brutal and terrorists attacks.


The Women's Defense Units (YPJ) have been part of the essential armed groups which are defending the people and its free revolution. Many YPJ fighters have sacrificed their life to safe others lives  and played sufficient rule in the resistance development .


Kobani battle is a clear example which shows how the YPJ fighter are fearlessly fighting back ISIS mercenaries in spite of the lack of capabilities and light weaponry YPG/YPJ have. The strong and free will power was more effective in the battle field when they were able to repel the terrorist offensives .


Arin Mirkan  a YPJ fighter collected comrades 'grenades those martyred and attacked a group of terrorists and blew herself up among them  is a real proof that  the brave and sacrifices of resistance shown in Kobani would be defeated.


Brothers and Sisters;


The resistance of our fighters is indescribable, we are not in love with weapons or wars as we have been obligated to hold rifles and do what we can do for our dignity, values and humanity.


The Kurdish woman refuses to be treated like a a slave that do not has her own free life and will. The smiles would never leave our faces since we have confidence and powerful mentality.


The women in Kurdistan and the middle east have been oppressed for long time in addition of discrimination and violence performed by the masculine system presented in the current reality. Though she wants to be a real part of revolution to give a new concept for the women in the middle east for freedom and a shout against the brutal masculine mentality.


The terrorists are not only targeting Kobani or the people but also they are selling women as a commodities in  markets, so it is risk for humanity in the whole region and we are defending humanity through our heroic resistance in Kobani.

And we believe that worldwide solidarity with Kobani's resistance  is related to this truth


We in the Women's Defense Units YPJ, we are going to continue our  mechanisms in order to develop the women's defending  rules to keep the fighting against ISIS terrorism since we guarantee that the victory is ours.


Women's Defense Units


KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


The Epic of immortality and bravery