ROJAVA, Kobanê, Feb 15, 2015 - At the initial stage of victory, the resistance against terrorist attacks of Daesh (ISIS) in Kobanê endured Feb 14 on day 153.


Continuing their operations in the context of Campaign Kobanê Liberation, members of the People's Defense Units (YPG) and Women's Defense Units (YPJ) during the past 24 hours managed to liberate a number of villages and strategic points from terrorist groups around Kobanê.


Our combatants who are consistently struggling against terrorist forces of Daesh, have been able to inflict severe blows to terrorist fighters during operations conducted last night in Kobanê.


In east Kobanê, a strategic terrorist-occupied hill was targeted last night by our forces and heavy clashes were experienced around the target overlooking Bexdikê village. In this battle terrorist fighters suffered heavy casualties, and the hill was eventually controlled and secured by our units.


According to the information obtained from the battlefield, 23 terrorist members were confirmed killed during the fight in this area. Along with 18 terrorists' corpses, our units were able to seize a military vehicle, a 12.5 DShK, 300 DShK shells, 9 AK rifles, 70 AK magazines, 4000 AK bullets, 2 PK MGs, 2000 PK ammo, 2 RPG-7 rocket launchers, 4 RPG rockets, 8 hand grenades, 8 ammunition carrying vests, 5 pair of binoculars, a night vision, 5 radios, and 2 cellphones.


On this front our units simultaneously targeted the terrorist forces between Dêrfilît and Şerikeya Çîmento villages, killed 3 members of their forces.


Numerous concurrent operations were carried out against Daesh terrorists by our units in west Kobanê. During this military campaign, Çariqli village, Şehid Hogir hill and the ponds near Çariqli village were entirely liberated from terrorist forces. While the specific number of killed terrorists was not immediately verified, our units could capture 11 terrorists' dead, 4 AK rifles, 4 ammunition vests, and 4 RPG rockets. The operation on this front is continuing at the moment.


Making further progress towards terrorist groups, YPG/YPJ Defense Units yesterday managed to liberate another important hill in south Kobanê. On that front terrorist forces were pushed back from Qun Eftar hill after a fierce fighting. A military vehicle was destroyed in the combat area where 7 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed. In this region our forces could seize 7 terrorists' dead, 7 AK rifles, 7 hand grenades, and 21 AK magazines.


Another confrontation was experienced between our units and terrorist groups in southwest Kobanê where 9 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed.


During the operations and clashes that our units were involved in the past 24 hours, four of our comrades who selflessly conducted a heroic battle, were martyred in action. Six of our comrades

were injured during the operations.



People’s Defense Units (YPG) – 2015 Media Center  



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