Kobanê, Feb 6, 2015 - At the initial stage of victory, the resistance against terrorist attacks of Daesh (ISIS) in Kobanê continued Feb 5 on day 144. In the context of Campaign Kobanê Liberation, our units are relentlessly continuing their operations against terrorist groups around the city.


Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) yesterday during the day and overnight launched a range of concurrent operations against numerous strategic terrorist-occupied villages and positions in east, west and south Kobanê. In these operations where heavy blows were inflicted to the terrorists, 14 villages and several strategic positions were effectively liberated.


A major operation was conducted by our units yesterday in east Kobanê. In this operation the eastern villages of Tilîk, Hewlaqî, Dibîrik, Qişlê, Muxaraç, Til Xezal, Mezra Sofî, Bîrêreş and Pîno were targeted by our forces. In a short time, our units managed to liberate the cited villages, and inflicted severe blows to the terrorists. While the operation on this front is currently continuing, this morning the road to Qeremux village was also controlled and secured by our units.


Our forces are correspondingly continuing to advance in west Kobanê. During the operation in this front our units were able to liberate the village of Bubanê, consisting of two small villages, and nearby strategic hills.


In south Kobanê, our forces yesterday targeted the Rovî, Tevşo and Xizênê villages, and liberated the stated positions in a short time. During the operation in this region a terrorist affiliate named Murat Baynal (aka. Abu Hamza Kurdî, born 1977 in Kars city) was detained along with a number of weapons and ammunition.


For the operations on all three fronts of Kobanê are still ongoing, numbers of terrorists’ dead or wounded, seized weapons and ammunition were not precisely verified by initial reports.


However, up to this moments along with 17 terrorists’ corpses, our units have seized 4 military vehicles, 1 rocket, 26 AK rifles, 70 AK magazines, 2000 bullets, 5 PK MGs, 200 PK bullets, 36 hand grenades, 3 ammunition carrying vests, 1 radio, and a thermal scope.


During the campaign carried out in the past 24 hours in Kobanê, one of our comrades fought heroically and was martyred in action, eight of our combatants have been wounded in action.


Qamişlo – Our units of YPG/YPJ last night launched an assault operation against Daesh terrorists between the villages of Emrî and Şora, 25 kilometers southeastern Qamişlo. A tactical convoy of the enemy was targeted in this operation which resulted in the destruction of a military vehicle and killing of 2 terrorist forces.


                                       People’s Defense Units (YPG) – 2015 Media Center

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