Hesekê- The clashes that had started yesterday on Jan 17 between our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) / Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) (along with the Asayish Security Forces) and Baathist-fascist forces of Syrian Regime in the city of Hesekê heavily continue until this

moment. Regime forces are continuing to target civilian Kurdish neighborhoods with tanks and heavy weaponry. Clashes severely continue in the east of the city near Talayi Camp, Khashman neighborhood, and National Hospital in the city center (Hay Eskeri area).


Since yesterday's clashes, two of our YPG fighters and six of Asayish forces have been martyred in action. At the same time, dozens of Syrian regime forces have been killed during the battle in Hesekê. In the light of a great resistance expressed by our units of YPG/YPJ and Asayish, all the attacks of the Regime forces are being actively repulsed as intense fighting continues in the city.


YPG Media Centre

Jan 18, 2015


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