Kobani- The resistance against Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in the city of Kobani continued on the

113th day.


Daesh terrorists have deployed a large number of heavy weapons and their mercenary forces from different parts of Syria where they occupy, in an attempt to carry out concurrent attacks on all parts of the Eastern front of Kobani.


Most severe battles are taking place in an area which extends from the Kaniya Kurda neighborhood up to the eastern side of Mishtenur hill. In the meantime, the terrorists are shelling the city center with Grad missiles and mortars.


A large number of terrorist forces were killed in the clashes that erupted last night and intensified in the morning hours.


In this battles 1 tank and 2 other vehicles of the terrorists were destroyed. More information on the results of this fight soon will be shared with the media and public opinion.


Jaz’ah - On January 5th, an assault was carried out by Daesh terrorists between the villages of Filîstîn and Kenho, 7 kilometers south of the Jaz’ah region.


Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) responded to this attack, and heavy clashes were experienced since 4:00 AM until 6:00 AM. In this fight 3 members of the terrorist forces were confirmed killed, and 2 other attackers were injured. After suffering casualties, the attackers were forced to retreat.


In the battle of this region, three of our comrades were wounded and one of our comrades was martyred in action.


Our units of the YPG/YPJ conducted an operation against a group of the terrorists on 10:00 AM today near the village of Qada in the south of Jaz’ah region. In this operation a vehicle of the terrorists was destroyed, 2 terrorist forces were confirmed killed, and 2 others were wounded.


YPG Media Centre

Jan 6, 2015

KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


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