Kobani- The brutal attacks by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists attempting to occupy Kobani continued

yesterday on the 112 day. Consolidating their progress against the terrorists, our forces are continuing to advance on Kobani’s Northern and South-Eastern fronts.


Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) last night conducted an operation against the terrorist groups near the main crossroad in the south of Kobani. After a battle that lasted overnight the terrorist-occupied positions targeted in the operation were fully liberated, and a significant progress was made. In this fight 5 members of the terrorists were confirmed killed, our forces were also able to capture 5 AK-47 rifles, 600 bullets for AK-47, 1000 bullets for PK, and 22 landmines from the terrorists.


Another operation was carried out by our forces last night in the area which extends from Kobani’s Water Supply to the hill Mishternur foothills, on the South-Eastern front. The operation initiated yesterday evening constantly continued to this morning.  To prevent our forces from advance, the terrorists resorted to car-bomb operation. Yet the terrorist forces along with the VBIED were targeted and eliminated before operating. The area intended in this operation was ultimately cleansed from the terrorists.


In the battle of this region 11 members of the terrorist forces were confirmed killed. While 6 bodies of the terrorists were left behind on the battlefield, our forces managed to seize 11 AK-47 rifles, 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher, 3 RPG-7 rockets, 2000 bullets of PK mg, 19 hand grenades, 7 pieces of 60mm mortar shells, 3 pieces of 57 mortars, 1 night vision, and one hand-made mine from Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.


Our units simultaneously targeted a group of the terrorists positioned near the hospital on the Southern front, killed three of their forces.


Serêkaniyê - A short-term battle between our forces and the terrorist groups was experienced yesterday evening at 7:00 PM near the village of Maqsuma located in the southwest of Serêkaniyê where a unit of the terrorists who were attempting to ambuscade our forces of the YPG/YPJ. Yet the terrorist group was trapped by our units. As a result of a minor fight that took place, 2 members of the attackers were confirmed wounded, the group later was forces to flee the battlefield.


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