ROJAVA, Kobani - The terrorist attacks by Daesh (ISIS) mercenaries attempting to occupy Kobani continued on the 102nd day. Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the

Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) continue to conduct operations to liberate the terrorist-occupied

areas, on the other hand are leading mop-up operations in the liberated areas of the city.


In the south-east of Kobani, the operation by our units in District 48 is continuing. In south District 48, our forces last night managed to liberate another neighborhood in Mishtenur foothills.


In the meantime, in north District 48 and east Shahid Moro area, another neighborhood was also liberated from the terrorists. In these areas 21 terrorists were confirmed killed while 5 bodies of the terrorists were seized.


As a result of the battle on the noted areas, 16 AK-47 firearms, 39 AK-47 magazines, 2000 bullets, 2 BKC machine guns, 1800 BKC bullets, one vz. 24 rifle, 5 rockets of RPG-7 launcher, 11 hand grenades, 9 pieces of mortar shell, and 3 binocular plus a number other military equipment were captured by our forces from the terrorists.


An operation was conducted by our forces on the eastern front of Kobani. This operation resulted in the liberation of Kobani Municipality and Khansah School from the terrorists. The number of dead or wounded of the terrorists on this front yet is not verified, search operations are ongoing.



| Dec. 26, 2014

KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


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