Comrade Raperîn Gabar joined the Women’s Defense Units from North Kurdistan, and did so out of duty serving Kurdistan unity. Comrade Raperîn

participated in many battles against the terrorist groups in Rojava and fought honorably on the fields of battle. Comrade Raperîn was martyred on January 4th, 2015 in the battle of Filstin village of the Jaz’ah region.


For Comrade Raperîn we promise, we shall strengthen our struggle to the last drop of blood. Our deepest condolences go to Comrade Raperîn’s family, and all the families of Kurdistan martyrs.



Nom de guerre: Raperîn

Name: Wesfiye Altay

Mother’s Name: Durê

Father’s Name: Îsa

Place of Birth: Sêrt

Joined: 2013

Martyred: January 4, 2015 / Jaz’ah countryside


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