KOBANI – The undefeatable fortress, Kobani city has been heroically resisting and expelling the terrorists of Daesh (ISIS).


The historic resistance which being shown by YPG/YPJ fighters unveiled the strong determination and free will power of the people of Kobani and the YPG/YPJ fighters. The barbarians of ISIS thought that they would take over Kobani in one week through their brutal nasty atrocities, but the people's Defense Units (YPG), and The Women's Defense Units (YPJ) have stood against them and courageously repelled their attacks.


Yet the truth should be told, that is the heroes and heroines of YPG/YPJ, those have sacrificed their life to defend the land and people of Rojava. Scores of martyrs had fought for the people's fraternity in the region and eliminate the roots of terrorism forever.


Martyr Arin Mirkan, who fought till the last bullet and blew her body up among a group of terrorists, is a clear example about the sacred determination of our fighters to degrade and ultimately eliminate this terror group from the region and protect the humanity values the people's coexistence.


Both the martyrs, Jomard Hasake and Chijek Derik fiercely resisted and broke the chains of oppression and repression.


We in the YPG/YPJ, always reiterate that the martyrs are our real leaders and we will in honor keep their footsteps till the last breathe and defeat the terrorist groups in Rojava.



Nom De Guerre: Chijek Derik

Real Name: Nasiba

Father Name: Ismail

Place of Birth: Derik

Joining date: 2011

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Kobani, 27.12.2014



Nom De Guerre: Jomard Hasake

Real Name: Othman Hussain

Mother Name: Shama

Father Name: Falmaz

Place of Birth: Hasake

Joining Date: 2011

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Kobani, 27.12.2014


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