They resistance by People's Defense Units (YPG) and Women's Defense Units (YPJ) in Kobani still ongoing, every moment the brave fearless freedom fighters are fighting back the enemies of humanity and democracy, and for those comrades who made the ultimate sacrifices, since we could never repay the debt we owe them, we undoubtedly going to keep their footsteps till certain victory.




Code Name: Goran Kobani

Real Name: Fadi Sefqan

Mother Name: Khuda

Father Name: Muhammad

Place of Birth: Aleppo

Joining Date: 2013

Date and place of Martyrdom: 21.09.2014, Sefitke Village


Code Name: Cudi Kobani

Date and place of Martyrdom: 27.11.2014, Kobani



YPG Media Centre



The revolution in Rojava have reached this honorable stage due to the fearless struggle , unity and the solidarity of the people. Besides the indescribable sacrifices of real heroes,

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It has been two months since terrorists linked to ISIS raging onslaughts aim at occupying Kobanî, loot civilians properties and breakdown  the people's free will power.

However, the heroic resistance shown by YPG/YPJ fighters has proved for the whole world the strong free will and sacrifices they have made  to grasp the  victory our immortal martyrs dreamed for their

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KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


The Epic of immortality and bravery