Kobane is continuing to resist since twenty-four days without losing anything of its insistence, all the world was waiting for Kobane to fall within two or three days but it refused to surrender. While its defenders are making the history, it has become an example of heroism known to the world. At a time that women are hostile to the terrorist organizations such as ISIS, the bullet fired by our women adds to their fears that they may find themselves in hell instead of heaven which they are promised to.



What was expressed today by comrade is the spirit of sacrifice for the freedom. For the world and foremost for the ISIS to know, we renew our pledge to be decent for the essence of the act of our fellow comrade Aren Mirkan. We will take revenge from this organization anywhere by developing our defensive systems and educating our women, for the ISIS organization cannot be defined by any terms and it is far from humanity.


We will avenge for those women who were sold as slaves in the markets of the ISIS organization, our vengeance will not only be bullets but by smiling faces of our women, we swear that we make a hell for the ISIS on earth, as we salute the resistance of Kobane, this is our promise to our people and our fellow comrade Aren and every single one of our comrades who were martyred heroically in Kobane.


We call on all the women and invite them to consciously join this struggle in the ranks of our units of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ).


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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.