Fierce clashes that started on 15 September in Kobane Canton are ongoing on 5 fronts. Our units show great bravery at multiple    fronts, against the terrorists who attack with tanks, cannons and heavy weapons on the 5th day of the attacks.
 Terrorists attacked with the purpose of achieving a genocide but in all villages face to face clashes occur. Our forces aim to stop the advance of ISIS gangs on multiple fronts and evacuate to   safety the civilians who are at the risk of genocide by ISIS terrorists.
Very heavy clashes erupted in villages west of Kobane: Zerik, Gire Zagros, jib alferec, Derbazin, Boraz, Degirmen, Ewene and Qilhayde, east of Kobane: Korik, Metini, Idaniye, Bekhdik, Qilqilik and  Ebu Sirre South of Kobane:Qerarishik,Bokhaze,Berkhbatan, Torman, Qamche,Kunaftar, Zerik, Ochkardesh,Chelebiye,Piling, kharbistan, Goraniye, M.khabur. The ISIS gang groups which couldn't advance against our forces in these villages received heavy losses.
During these clashes, as far as our forces could confirm, during these clashes 86 terrorists have been killed by our forces  7 bodies out of 86 confirmed killed ISIS terrorists in our hands. 2 tanks, 3 DShKs, 5 vehicles and 1 artillery destroyed by our units. Our forces seized 7 Kaleshnikovs, 2 M16 assault rifles, 1 artillery launcher and 7 mags.
8 fighters from our ranks have martyred during the clashes. Fighting continues in the above mentioned areas.
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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.