Last night, at 1 am, in Til Temir, village of Elhiwêca, People’s Defence Units (YPG) launched an offensive in order to purge the area and clashes occurred between our units and ISIS terrorists. As a result of the clashes, 15 terrorists were killed and many wounded, 1 vehicle loaded with DShK belonging terrorists was captured.

YPG fighter Amed Qamişlo martyred in the clashes.

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Yesterday gang groups affiliated to ISIS terrorists attacked Eşret Til Mecdel village. As a result, houses of number of villagers were burnt down and following the appeal of the villagers, YPG intervened. As a result of YPG’s response, 8 terrorists were killed and they withdrew desperately.

YPG Media Centre


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Big explosion occurred in Rawîya, west of Serê Kaniyê, resulting in death of 13 ISIS terrorists, great number of injuries and a 

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Sacrificial operations of our forces in the towns of Serê Kaniyê continue. Within this framework, last night our forces have launched an operation in the villages of Rawîya, Dehma and Kûe Şelah where 2 armoured vehicles were destroyed, 8 terrorists killed and 4 others wounded. In addition, our forces launched an operation on the bases of the terrorists, in the abovementioned fronts. Fighting lasted for half an hour. Operation was successfully accomplished and our forces returned to their bases without any loss. The operation caused fear among the ISIS terrorists.

YPG Media Centre – Serê Kaniyê

12 -8-2014 

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Yesterday evening, a vehicle belonging to ISIS terrorists was damaged by People’s Defence Units between the villages of Ehmediyê  and  Çarxilî, 40 kms east of Kobanê.

For 2 days the ISIS terrorists have been shelling with heavy weapons, the villages of Boraz, Degirmen and Girê Zagros, 40 kms east of Kobanê. Shelling resulted in great material damage.

2 YPG fighters martyred as a result of a military accident in the east of Kobanê Canton.

Identities of the martyrs are as follows:

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People’s Defence Units (YPG) carried out an operation in the village of Ehmedîyê located in the east of Kobanê Canton, killed 4 ISIS terrorists.

 In addition, clashes between Şemis Şemal Battalion and ISIS terrorist gang in the village of Xirûs which is located 40 km to the south of Kobanê Canton. As a result, high number of losses were inflicted on the terrorists.

One fighter from Şemis Şemal martyried.

Identity of our martyr is as follows:

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A new group of People’s Defence Units (YPG) and Women’s Defence Units (YPJ) fighters graduated from Martyr Xebat Academy, which were trained in a term dedicated Martyr Firat, in Kobanê Canton.

During the term, 50 fighters attended the training which comprised classes of military training and ideology, with a duration of one month.

During the graduation a ceremony was held, which started with a moment of silence for the martyrs, followed by a speech by YPG and YPJ Commander Meysa Ebdo who dedicated the graduation to all four parts of Kurdistan and greeted the fighters.

Ebdo pointed out to the attacks of the terrorists gang groups on Kurdish areas aiming at breaking the resistance will of Kurdish 

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Last night at 1:00 am terrorists groups affiliated to ISIS  attempted to attack Hesekê from Elhimir village, but our units responded to their attack and in the meaning time our units attacked points in Xiwêran where the terrorist groups were positioned. As a result, tens of terrorists were killed and wounded and up until now the clashes continue.

YPG Media Centre


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To the general public –

The offensive started by our units on 22 July still continues.

One day ago, our units, in Kobanê’s southern front, in the area near Euphrates river at 1:30 with the help of Şemis Şîmal Battalion, assaulted the 4 points where the terrorist were positioned and inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists. As a result of the operation 4 military fortifications were destroyed, 26 terrorists killed and 4 military vehicles 2 of which loeaded with 12-14 DShK destroyed. During the operation, one fighter from our ranks whose name is Şoreş Rojava, martyred. In adition, in Kobanê’s eastern front, in the villages of Çarqelî and Ehmediyê, occasional clashes  between our units and ISIS terrorists occurred and as a result 5 terrorists were killed.

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Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.