The revolutionary campaign carried out by our units in Tel Kocher region to keep it safe from terrorist atrocities and maintain it's security


Despite of all brutal assaults on Kobani d city, it is still bravely resisting against terrorism which aims to degrade the people's coexistence and


  Jizre Canton / 20 Arab fighters have joined the People's Defense Units in the name of Martyr Farhad.

Trainings lasted for 30 days, within  ideological, political and military lessons were performed.



I. Kobanî / The attacks by the ‘ISIS’ terrorists to occupy Kobanî continued on the 69th day.

Bringing more reinforcements and weapons from Al-Raqqa and other cities, the terrorists are


Jizre Canton / Women's Defense Units has announced, today, the formation of a battalion named "

Martyr Hevidar ". The battalion of 25 female fighters dedicates for the heroic resistance in Kobani.

The Women's Defense Units (YPJ) command has organized ceremony in Girke Lege city for


Kobanî / The terrorist attacks by the 'ISIS' mercenaries to occupy Kobanî continued yesterday on the 67th day. With a great resistance,  the People's / Women's Defense Units (YPG/YPJ) were ceaselessly able to repel attacks on the city centre.

Yesterday evening on the eastern front vegetables market  neighborhood and the municipality street heavy fighting had been erupted till this morning .

 On the same context, fierce and direct confrontation broke out in municipality neighborhood where the terrorists were positioned. Consequently, ISIS was pushed back after 3 terrorists were killed.


Meanwhile on the southern front, violent clashes erupted  between our forces and ISIS mercenaries.

On other hand, in Serekaniye, the military operation continues in the western south areas. The battles inflicted heavy looses among terrorists near Manajir village, 20km from

Serekaniye, led to killing 3 terrorists and wounding 7 others.


One of our fighters martyred during the fierce battles with the ISIS terrorists groups.

Elsewhere, 5 terrorists killed and many injured when a dispute among ISIS groups erupted for long hours .


YPG Media Centre

Nov, 21, 2014


KOBANI / During 66 Days of heroic resistance in Kobani, the YPG fighters undoubtedly sacrificing their souls in order to preserve the honor and dignity of people and land against


Jizre Canton/ More combatants of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ) and People's Defense Units YPG were graduated in the name of Martyr Maher group . The course, conducted at Martyr Sadiq Academy, including 36 fighters.



More than twenty two members of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ) were recognized as the newest members of the YPJ's Operation Forces during a military graduation ceremony

mazlom bagok martyr


The Epic of immortality and bravery