KOBANI- The terrorist attacks by the ISIS mercenaries to occupy Kobani continued on the 85th day.


On the eastern front of Kobani, our forces last night conducted several operations against the terrorist-occupied positions.


KOBANI - The brutal attacks by the ISIS terrorists aiming the occupation Kobani continued on the 84th day.

A new group of YPG/YPJ fighters have graduated after  45 days of special training. The group of 20 fighters had been trained to be snipers, in addition of intellectual military tactics lessons and the pivotal rule of sniper in combats.


With a strong power of free will, YPG/YPJ have persistently defended the land and people of Rojava and they provided a safe and secure home for all  people's components without hesitation.

The terrorist attacks on Kobani have been continuing for the 83th day which aim to occupy Kobani but these attempts were foiled as Women's Defense Units YPJ and People's Defense Units YPG are courageously resisting and repelling those mercenaries.

KOBANI - The attacks by the ISIS terrorists aiming the occupation of Kobani continued on the 82nd

day. Having the initiative on all the fronts of Kobani,

Jizre Canton – The academy of martyr Dilovan has graduated an new group of YPG/YPJ fighters for mob up operations; 31 fighters has finalized two months of training about military

KOBANI– The attacks by the ‘ISIS’ terrorists to occupy Kobani continued on the 81th day while the terrorist groups are in a defensive situation in Kobani and

Jizre Canton- The academy of Martyr Khabat graduated  a group of 15 YPG fighters after 30 receiving ideological and military lessons especially about how to build a strong and free fighter's

mazlom bagok martyr


The Epic of immortality and bravery