-         Inflicting severe blows to terrorists, our units have made a significant progress in Kobanî


Kobanî– The brutal attacks waged by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists attempting to occupy the city of Kobanî, continued on the 132nd day. Yet our forces are continuing to initiate for the battle inside

Kobanî while advancing in the Southern countryside of the city.


Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) last night launched an operation near the village of Memit in South Kobanî. In this operation the area between the villages of Memit and Termik was targeted by our forces. In a short time our units managed to liberate the Memit village and inflict heavy losses to terrorist forces where a military vehicle was destroyed and 42 members of terrorists were confirmed killed.


Along with 22 bodies of terrorists, our forces were able to seize 1 tank, a piece of 160mm artillery, a piece of 82mm mortar, 1 DShK 14.5, 1000 shells of DShK 14.5, 1000 shells of DShK 12.5, 26 AK-47 rifles, 75 magazines of AK-47, 6000 bullets, 8 PK MGs, 9700 bullets of PK, 5 RPG-7 rocket launchers, 22 rockets of RPG-7, 47 hand grenades, 3 hand-made mines, 3 communication devices, and a number of other military equipment from terrorist forces.


At the same time our units carried out an operation against terrorist groups near the village of Alîşar in the Eastern countryside of Kobanî. A military vehicle along with terrorist forces inside was destroyed in this operation, the number of casualties was not instantly confirmed.


Hesekê - Our forces last night conducted 2 distinct operations against Daesh terrorists in the villages of Um El-Dibis and Um El-Kibir in Hesekê countryside. A staging area of terrorist forces was targeted in this operation where a short-term battle was erupted. During the clashes 2 terrorist members were confirmed killed, and 3 others were wounded, the terrorist forces were finally forced to flee the area.


Our units simultaneously targeted 2 vehicles of terrorists that were on the movement between the two noted villages, damaged the vehicles but were not able to verify terrorists’ dead.


YPG Media Centre

Jan 25, 2015

KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


The Epic of immortality and bravery