Kobanî- The vicious attacks by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists attempting to occupy Kobanî continued yesterday on the 117th day. Retreating in the face of our forces of YPG/YPJ on a daily basis, the

terrorist groups currently attempt to carry out fresh attacks with the help of heavy weapons and reinforcements that they are sending towards the city.


The terrorists have recently tried to carry out their attacks near the Mekteba Resh (the Black School) and on the edges of Mishtenur Hill, positions in Southeast Kobanî which were earlier liberated by our forces, yet their attacks were utterly repelled. Numerous battles started yesterday morning in the mentioned areas and lasted until the night hours, and as a result, the terrorists suffered heavy losses.


Terrorists’ casualties in the fight near the Mekteba Resh were not verified, however our forces were able to seize an AK-47 rifle, an RPG-7 rocket launcher, and a body of the terrorist forces.

In the foothills of Mishtenur Hill, during a battle overnight, 25 members of terrorist forces were confirmed killed. Along with 5 bodies of terrorists, our forces managed to capture 5 AK-47 rifles, 21 magazines of AK-47, 840 bullets, 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher, 2 rockets of RPG-7, 15 hand grenades, and a field protective gas mask.


Serêkaniyê - Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) jointly with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), conducted an assault operation against groups of Daesh terrorists last night in the village of Aliye (south Serêkaniyê) and the Rawiya region in the southwest of Serêkaniyê. In the Rawiya region, our units damaged a vehicle of terrorists and killed 2 terrorist forces. In the operation near the village of Rawiya, a military vehicle of the terrorists was damaged, number of dead or wounded of terrorist forces yet are to be confirmed.


Hesekê - Last night near the village of Kharite, located between Til Tamer and Hesekê, a fight was experienced between our forces and the terrorist groups of Daesh. This fight was initiated by our forces of the YPG/YPJ in a quick response to the movements of a terrorist group in the area. Terrorist casualties were not immediately verified, the terrorists subsequently were forced to flee the battlefield.


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