Kobani- The terrorist attacks by Daesh (ISIS) mercenaries attempting to occupy Kobani continued on the 114th day.


The terrorists tried to carry out their attacks with tank, armored vehicles, and a large number of reinforcements that have been deployed from Jarabulus and Ar-Raqqah. Yet our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) were able to effectively repel these fresh attacks.


Yesterday at 3:00 AM, the terrorist groups on the Eastern front of Kobani attempted for an attack in an area which extends from Mekteba Resh (the Black School) up to Kobani’s Water Supply. While our forces’ positions were being concurrently shelled with missiles and mortars from outside Kobani, the terrorists tried to advance with the support of their special forces’ tanks.


Yet all the attacks attempted by the terrorists were repelled by our units and severe blows were inflicted to them. After heavy and direct confrontations, the terrorists were forced to fully retreat from the area.


At the same time, our forces in the north-east of Kobani managed to destroy 2 vehicles and 1 piece of artillery of the terrorists, they were also able to destroy a DShK-mounted vehicle and damage a piece of DShK 23 weapon in the foothills of Mishtenur Hill, on the South-eastern front of the city.

In these battles, 58 members of terrorist forces were confirmed killed, 39 bodies of the terrorists were left on the battlefield. Along with 7 bodies, our forces managed to capture 15 AK-47 rifles of the terrorists.


Serêkaniyê - Yesterday on January 6th, at 8:00 AM, our units of the YPG/YPJ conducted an operation against the terrorist groups of Daesh near the village of Dahma, in the south-west of Serêkaniyê. In this operation a DShK-mounted vehicle was completely destroyed, the number of terrorists’ casualties was not verified.


YPG Media Centre

Jan 7, 2015


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