Kobanî- Our forces continue to advance inside the city as the attacks by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists attempting to occupy Kobanî passed the 109th day.


The other day our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) / Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) were able to liberate Kobanî’s Water Supply in a joint operation. Following the same operation, last night our forces conducted an assault inflicting severe blows to the terrorists. Our units managed to liberate two more streets located between Water Supply and the hill Mishtenur as destroying several positions of the terrorists. Incapable of resisting against our forces’ advance, Daesh terrorists attempted to get result of suicide attacks. 2 members of the terrorist forces were killed before concluding their suicide attempts. Another VBIED was meant to operate against our forces, with a swift response from our units 2 suicide operatives were forced to leave the vehicle and flee the area, yet they both were targeted and confirmed killed. The VBIED was also targeted and detonated by our forces.


In this operation 21 terrorist forces were confirmed killed. Our units managed to capture 10 AK-47 rifles, 7 hand grenades, as well as 6 bodies of the terrorists on the battlefield.


Three of our comrades who conducted a significant role in the operation, fought heroically and were martyred in action.


Serêkaniyê - Terrorist groups of Daesh yesterday evening attempted to carry out an assault on YPG/YPJ

defensive lines near the village of Aliye, 25 kilometers south Serêkaniyê. In this area heavy battles took place where the terrorists deployed an armored along with several heavily-armed vehicles. Yet our forces managed to destroy the armored and damage one heavy machine-mounted vehicle. Number of the terrorists killed inside the armor was not verified, but 6 members of the terrorists were killed during heavy clashes.


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