KOBANI – The land of resistance has become a graveyard for the Terror group of Daesh(ISIS) after 105 days of ceaseless fierce battles where these nasty groups have been suffered humiliating defeats.


The terrorists groups attempted yesterday to storm the positions earlier they lost using two suicide vehicles and 10 suicide bombers where violent clashes erupted after that ended when terrorists failed to gain territory, hence they fled back. The YPG/YPJ fighters confirmed that during these clashes, which lasted for 12 hours, 43 terrorists were killed among them 18 bodies were seized beside an amount of ammunition including; 9 Ak47, 1 machine gun, 5 explosive belts, 3 vests, and 3 wireless devises.


It also had confirmed that seven YPG/YPJ fighters martyred  after they made a historic and unprecedented  resistance.


YPG Media Centre


KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


The Epic of immortality and bravery