Afrin Canton /  More fighters of Martyr Roksan and Martyr Azeemah battalions have completed their military training; the trainings, lasted for 45 days, included mostly all light weapons, combat tactics

and battle strategies, besides Karate sessions, commando and shooting positions in additions of ideological lessons about personalities development .


A ceremony has been held for this occasion; a military display, in the presence of the Deputy of the Self –Defense body and many YPG/YPG commanders in Afrin Canton.


The combatants took an oath to keep their duties  till achieving  all objectives of freedom and justice. At the end, Folklore songs and dances were performed, praises to both Women's Defense Units YPJ and People's Defense Units YPG.


YPG Media Centre- Afrin Canton


mazlom bagok martyr


The Epic of immortality and bravery