Jizre Canton / Women's Defense Units has announced, today, the formation of a battalion named "

Martyr Hevidar ". The battalion of 25 female fighters dedicates for the heroic resistance in Kobani.

The Women's Defense Units (YPJ) command has organized ceremony in Girke Lege city for


With the attendance of Zilan Qamishlo  a YPJ commander, Amina Omar the head of Women's Affairs Body and and dozens of residents. The military display began by a moment of silence in honor of sacrifices. Zilan spoke about the objectives for this battalion and the duties that every woman should take through the Women's Defense Units. She added:" Every time, when one of our comrades martyred, dozens are joining the units and adopting martyr's name.

Zilan confirmed that in the memorial of the International Day of Violence against Women, we are going to rise   the struggle for women's rights.

Amina Omar also Spoke about the free  will people in Rojava have,  congratulated the fighters and wished all success for them.

The Ceremony ended after a play about Martyr Arin and the message she delivered to the whole world.


YPG Media Centre

Nov, 22, 2014

KOBANI; Fierce Clashes against terror groups


The Epic of immortality and bravery