ISIS  terrorist  attacks that aim the occupation of Kobane and the elimination of the Kurdish will, are continuing to this moment and has entered its twentieth days, the unparalleled  resistance of our units enables us to change the balance of the world.

Since yesterday morning ,violent clashes have not stopped, where the fierce clashes took place at southern and eastern front of the city ,in direct confrontation 74 ISIS mercenaries were killed according to what has  been confirmed by our forces .

As a result of remarkable resistance by our units on the axis of the city, repelling the invading attacks, 15 of our comrades martyred in action after facing the mercenaries with all strength.

One of our martyrs was a valiant comrade Arin, she was able to perform a sacrificed operation that killed dozens of ISIS mercenaries and stop their advance, such a strong will and determination shown by comrade Arin will be the spirit of resistance in the hearts of all our YPG combatants  .if needed, all of our fighters will be comrade Arin and shall not allow mercenaries to get their dreams whatever cost.

M.Arin Mirkan  :



Code Name: Arin Mirkan

Real Name: Dilarken Chekmis

Place of birth: Afrin


Martyr Mazlum Bagok


Martyr Mazlum Bagok.