Rojava, Kobani - For 119 consecutive days a great resistance is being expressed by our units of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) against terrorist forces in

Kobanî, and tens of our combatants have sacrificed their lives to defend not only the city but also treasured human values. The terrorist forces who had viciously aimed the fall of Kobanî in several days, are now being effectively crushed in the face of a unique resilience that our forces continue to conduct.


Every time one of our comrades selflessly sacrifices his/her life, it is for honor and the sake of humanity. It has been two years that we are highly confronting the terrorist forces in the region, and we always aim for the promised victory. In the shade of our martyrs’ sacrifices and their resistance, terrorist attacks are being defeated and their vicious attempts thwart every day.


Five of our comrades honorably stood against terrorist forces in Kobani with a selfless and resilient spirit, fought heroically, and left their stories of sacrifice in the pages of history. This noble service to human values could never be put into true words, to save their legacy, our promise will always remain keeping their steps.


Their profiles are:


Nom de guerre: Berxwedan Gildag

Name: Muhemed Adem Pîra

Mother’s / Father’s Name: Fazîla / Cîhangîr

Place of Birth: Maku, Rojhilat

Joined: 2012

Martyred: Kobanê


Nom de guerre: Egîd Kobanê

Name: Mehmud Ehmed

Mother’s / Father’s Name: Selwe / Ehmed

Place of Birth: Kobanê

Joined: 2011

Martyred: December 19, 2014 / Kobanê


Nom de guerre: Roza Çiya

Name: Gulsun Reşîdî

Mother’s / Father’s Name: Ferîda / Cemîl

Place of Birth: Maku, Rojhilat

Joined: 2012

Martyred: January 1, 2015 / Kobanê


Nom de guerre: Şervan Soro

Name: Mustefa Hesen

Mother’s / Father’s Name: Emina / Ehmed

Place of Birth: Dirbasiyê

Joined: 2013

Martyred: January 11, 2015 / Kobanê


Nom de guerre: Garzan Efrîn

Name: Ebdulah Mustefa

Mother’s / Father’s Name: Ronak / Rifet

Place of Birth: Efrîn

Joined: 2012

Martyred: December 4, 2014 / Kobanê


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