Martyrs are the real alive people since they made the ultimate sacrifice in order to defend the

people and land of Rojava.


On of hose heroes was Azad Serekaniye. He was severely injured in the military campaign in Abu


Qasayib village northern Tel Hamis town and despite all medical efforts to save his life he eventually martyred and joined the rank of immortal martyrs.

Azad had shown a real legend of resistance and determination until the last breath. Thus, we reiterate our pledge to him that we will choose his aspirations and we will eliminate the terrorism from every meter of the land of Rojava.


Nom De Guerre: Azad Serekaniye

Real Name: Fadil Jewher

Mother Name: Farida

Father : Lazgeen

Place of Birth: Serekaniye

Joining Date: 2012

Date  of Martyrdom:  09.01.2015



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