AFRIN CANTON – Due to a coward terror attack that targeted a YPG checkpoint in Shera sub district of  Afrin Canton, four YPG/YPJ fighters martyred.


We in the People's Defense Units (YPG), and Women's Defense Units (YPJ), we renew our pledge every time we loss one of our comrade and consistently we will keep their footsteps till the liberty

and freedom of the land and people.



Nom De Guerre: Muhammad

Real Name: Muhammad Hamdo

Mother Name: Sabah

Father Name: Tewfiq

Place of Birth:Afrin, Qatma

Joining Date: 2013

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 28.12.2014, Qatma- Afrin



Nom De Guerre: Zinar

Real Name: Imad Muhammad

Mother Name: Badriya Khalil

Father Name: Faruq Arif

Place of Birth: Afrin, Qastel Jindo

Joining Date: 2011

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 28.12.2014, Qatma



Nom De Guerre: Sakina Munzir

Real Name: Amina Youdef

Mother Name: Khat Khalil

Father Name: Mustafa Yousef

Place of Birth:Aleppo

Joining Date:2014

Date and Place of Martyrdom:28.12.2014, Qatma



Nom De Guerre: Hera Afrin

Real Name: Beritan Shekh Muhammad

Mother Name: Fatma Shekh Issa

Father Name:Othman Shekh Othman

Place of Birth:Sheran, Midanki

Joining Date: 2014

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Qatma, 28.12.2014




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