ROJAVA - Martyrdom has become our road to free life for our people and land, and the revolution in Rojava has proved to the whole free world the hidden truth due to the sacred sacrificed made by our men and women in uniform.


In the heroic military campaign which carried out by our YPG/YPJ fighters against the ISIS terror group, our comrade " Ronahi" martyred where she courageously fought against those nasty barbaric terrorists of ISIS.


We in the People's Defense Units (YPG) and  Women's Defense Units (YPJ) reiterate our pledge for our immortal martyrs to keep their footsteps till the last drop of our blood and for all YPG/YPJ fighters we say Rest In Pease , we will never ever let you down and the struggle will last till ultimate victory.


Nom De Guerre: Ronahi Kab

Real Name: Gulishan Durgut

Mother Name: Gulsin

Father Name: Abdullah

Place  of Birth: Mardin

Joining Date: 2012

Place and Date of Martyrdom: Qamishli, Tel Hamis, 04.01.2014




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