KOBANI  - During the fierce clashes around the culture centre between our fighters and the terrorists of ISIS in Kobani city, one of our valiant fighters Rojvan Kobani martyred after a heroic resistance.


Martyr Rojvan a Persian from Mashhad city of Iran, had joined the ranks of YPG after the public call to join the resistance against the barbaric attacks on Kobani. He joined most of the fierce battles and heroically fought till the last drop of blood.


Rojvan had been a symbol of the people's fraternity as he always called for freedom and resistance against all kinds of repression , aggression and terrorism assaults and become a symbol for the whole middle east.


Marytr Rojvan was always calling the young men to join the ranks of resistance and defend their land and people against the mercenaries of ISIS.


We YPG/YPJ fighters again pledge to keep Rojvan's footsteps and hundreds of dignity's martyrs for the ultimate victory of humanity whatever costs.



Nom De Guerre: Rojvan Kobani

Real Name: Amir Qubadi

Mother Name: Kupre

Father Name: Ali

Place Of Birth: Mashhad city, Iran

Joining Date: 2014

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Kobani, 22.12.2014


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